Pain Specialists of Southern Oregon
825 Bennett Ave. Medford, OR 97504

3555 Lear Way, Medford, OR 97504 (Starting Jan 3rd , 2022)

Main Phone: (541) 779-5228
Main Fax: (541) 772-1533

Our Team:
Joseph Savino, MD
George Johnston, DO
Brett Quave, MD
Daniel Kim, MD

Paul Leppart , ANP-C
Denise Partin, FNP-C
Jeremy Cathey, ANP-C
Eric Wruck, DC, FNP
Amicia Bullard, PA-C
Susan Rugh, FNP-C
Jared Thomas, FNP-C
Gregory Caldwell, PA-C
Ismael Vargas, PA-C
Carie Andersen, FNP,DNP

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All medical communications, please use MyChart or call 541-779-5228.

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All medical communications please use MyChart or please call 541-779-5228.
A referral is required from your primary care doctor, and authorization for medical records release.

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