What is VIA Disc?

VIA Disc is a non-surgical, injectable allograft that utilizes allogeneic tissue and micronized disc material to repair degenerative discs. It is a proven therapy that has been shown in clinical trials to repair damage to degenerative discs and provide significant pain relief and improved function.


One of the most common causes of chronic low back pain is degeneration of the lumbar intervertebral discs, better known as degenerative disc disease or DDD. Previously, there was no way to reverse degenerative discs. Once discs were damaged, the condition was permanent, or at least it was! Age-related wear and tear of discs causes a loss of water from within the disc, or dehydration, and degeneration. Not all degenerated discs are immediately painful, however once a disc starts to degenerate, it can develop cracks and tears which will make it susceptible to injury later on.

Indications include:

  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Discogenic Pain


The VIA Disc NP procedure is performed under strict sterile conditions.

The VIA Disc NP procedure can be performed under local anesthesia or moderate sedation may be recommended by your physician. A procedure involving your pain-generating intervertebral disc can be painful.

During the procedure, your physician will use fluoroscopy (a computer tomography scan that continues to take images during the procedure so that the physician can see where the needle is going).

Your physician will insert a needle through the skin and muscle into the center of the intervertebral disc. VIA Disc NP will slowly be delivered into the center of the intervertebral disc.


You may experience pain and soreness after the procedure, which is normal. This pain may be due to increased pressure within your intervertebral disc.
It is important to follow your physician’s instructions after the procedure. You may be instructed to keep your activity to the normal activities of daily life and limit physical or strenuous activity for 72 hours post-procedure.

A follow-up appointment will typically be scheduled two to four weeks after the procedure to monitor your pain and comfort. Additional follow-up appointments may be scheduled at the discretion of your physician to assess your condition.

It is important that you consult with your physician for medical advice, including any questions you may have regarding the VIA Disc NP product or the associated procedure.